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               Resume/Company History

      January 1986 - 1990
     I began working full time for a local contractor out of Grantham. During that time we completed  7 new houses and other
     miscellaneous projects. 

      1990 - 1991
      I relocated to Northbrook Illinois and worked for 1 year remodeling and additions.

      1991 - 2000
      I went to work for an architect and builder as a sub contractor.  My role as a subcontractor included providing 3 employees
      and myself to work as a crew.  Thus gaining experience for the next 9 years with project management, hiring and  training my
      employees and all the Responsibilities that come with being the lead carpenter and project manger.  Having the opportunity
      to work with the the architect's brother and carpenter of 30 years, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge  from his
      experience and all that he taught me.

      Though we completed 4 new million dollar  homes of which we were 1 of 2 crews for each project . . . 
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2000 - Present day NH and MA
We relocated back to NH when my daughter was 2, wanting her to grow up here, and I have continued building my business ever since. During this time I have completed courses for septic designing & installation to become licensed
by the state of NH for both, UNH classes for soils, design classes in
Manchester, and other classes; In addition to
writing & developing my own contracts and change orders.

My business experience comes from the last ten years of reforming my performance based on running the business

inside and out, including designing & maintaining this web site as opposed to paying someone to do it for me.
My contracts/estimates are very detailed & informative as well as professional. I was once told
"I should hire you based on the quality of this estimate alone".   I continue to expand my knowledge, experience and
abilities in the field and in business. Celebrating 25 years in business as of January 2016, I'm just getting started.
we mainly worked on whole house second floor additions (1 crew per job). In many cases the lot size did not permit going out
causing expansions to go up. I have more than ten years committed to second floor additions, having completed more than
24 (8 of them local) statistically, I have bid 8 and contracted 8 in NH. This comes from the ability to bid accurately and
competitively based on my experience and ability to perform the work.

The last addition we completed in Hanover is a good example: Having completed all the prep work on the original Cape, we began
removing the roof on Monday and by the following Friday had completed the demo, framing, new walls, setting trusses, sheathing
and the ice and water shield.   In 4.5 days we went from exposing the home of a cape to a weather tight Colonial.
On my home page and building page you can find a list of local jobs we have completed since 2000 - 11/21/2016 and pictures
throughout my website. One of the greatest compliments I have ever received  "you have greatly exceeded our expectations"
given the chance I will strive to maintain that level of commitment and performance with every job.     - Jay

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