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Save money with no middle man. As a hands on General Contractor and Lead Carpenter  ​ I am always on the job,
​ delivering quality - 
craftsmanship.  Don't pay a GC to sit behind a desk or drivers seat.

As the GC & Lead Carpenter I am able to offer lower over all costs, prevent costly mistakes & a breakdown in communications.  
From site work to ridge cap, start to finish, you will know where to find me.
Free estimates, Detailed brake down, Design. 
This site was designed and is serviced by      Jay Preston   jayprestonconstruction@hotmail.com
31 years and still going strong.
Providing Full workman's comp and liability insurance on every job.

       Preston Construction
​2016/2017 Burpee Hill Road, New London​ project completed.
​1800 sq ft addition, whole house remodel.
​New Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, remodel existing bathroom, bedroom, new interior stairs and lower level entry.​
Ridgewood Road, Sunapee. 2016
​Sub contracted from NorthCape Design
Master bedroom addition​, all new roofing,  Siding and decorative trim. 3 new bathrooms,
 ​Kitchen, interior remodel. New entry addition.  
Foremost Builders 2015
​Subcontracted: Several projects including:
​New kitchen install, kitchen remodel, new windows, decking replacement, ​2 bathroom remodels, office space remodel, new roof, new siding, new hardwood flooring 
Newbury and Sunapee. 2016
​Subcontracted from​ Goin Construction 

master bathroom remodel, new siding, deck work, exterior trim, new windows.
General Contracting independently 
​and subcontracting from the
​middle man for 26 years. 

​​​​   ​
Preston Construction  GC projects
​ include:
​ The COA Senior Center in New London.

Preston Construction
​Enfield, new 2 story garage,

kitchen and bath remodel, all new flooring and new deck.​ All new
V-Groove walls and ceilings​.
Preston Construction
​Little Lake Sunapee Road 
Kitchen remodel, 2 bathroom remodels
new flooring first and second floor, new boiler, new hot water on demand​​, paint, tile backsplash, tiled showers.
Preston Construction 
​2016/2017 Project nearing completion

Master bedroom​ addition, loft, bathroom 
full basement unfinished.​
Preston Construction 
​2016/2017 Main Street, Springfield. 
​Project nearing completion
​2 car garage with 10x20 Breezeway. 
Ridgewoodroad Sunapee on the Lake
Newbury Master Bath Remodel
2015 Custom bar and display cases,
New flooring and suspended ceiling.​
Burpee Hill Road, New London
Preston Construction 2016 New London 
Historical Society New "Privy​".
Sunapee, deck work
​    and exterior trim
Don't pay someone to pay me.
       Call for a free estimate. ​
Baker Hill Road, Sutton 
Preston Construction 2016
New Roof  Sunapee - on the lake. ​
Sub Contracted from NorthCape
2016 Dock work and new Window​.
Preston Construction 
New Aldrich Road, Grantham​.
Preston Construction 
Central Street, Sunapee​.
Grantham,  sub contracted from
NorthCape , New 2,000 sq ft addition and whole house remodel.  
Preston Construction 
Warner​, Building relocation

Preston Construction
​​Near Hanover, Scott Ave. Cape to Colonial, second floor addition, garage expansion, whole house remodel.   
Thats me 
Jay Preston

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